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Updated: January 27, 2020
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SW Motech 13-20 Liter Tank Bag For Quick Lock (TW-BC.TRS.00.202.1000)

SW Motech 13-20 Liter Tank Bag For Quick Lock

SW Motech Ion 13-20 Liter Tank Bag

For Use With Quick Lock Gas Cap Tank Ring

Tank bag with impressive and easy to use quick release system that, when used with the Quick Lock Gas Cap Tank Ring, allows strapless and lightning fast removal of this bag without sacrificing any load capability or reducing the integrity/strength of the mount.

Link to 1 minute Youtube video demonstration of the quick release system.

Designed in Germany, this bag has RC-Fuse weather-proof zippers and comes with a rain cover and clear vinyl upward facing map / phone / tablet pouch.

Measures approximately 14.96 inches long x 10.23 inches wide and 6.69 inches tall

Installation instructions in .pdf format

***Please note: While this bag and the Quick Lock Gas Cap Tank Ring are the best tank bag mounting system we have found, there is a significant drawback to the installation process. In order to set the position of the lock ring you have to drill four holes in the bottom of the bag so the Quick Lock anchor can be attached. This operation is not for the faint of heart. If you miss your drill marks, the bag's weather sealing ability and overall integrity could be severely compromised. AF1 Racing will not allow returns for bags that have been drilled. No exceptions. Please carefully review the installation instructions before ordering.



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