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Updated: July 13, 2020
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RhinoMoto Rear Axle Sliders (rm150-0005)

RhinoMoto Rear Axle Sliders

RhinoMoto rear axle sliders


  • '09-'19 RSV4 (all variants)
  • '11-'19 Tuono V4 (all variants)
  • '98-'03 Mille, Mille-R
  • '00-'03 Falco
  • '02-'05 Tuono
  • '04-'09 RSVR, RSVR Factory
  • '06-'10 Tuono
  • '06-'11 SXV, RXV 4.5 / 5.5
  • '07-'15 Shiver
  • '18-'19 Shiver 900
  • '09-'16 Dorsoduro 750
  • '18-'19 Dorsoduro 900
  • '11-'13 Dorsoduro 1200

RhinoMoto rear axle sliders protect the rear of the bike in the event of a crash. Their innovative design protects the axle and axle nut from damage due to a direct impact and keeps the axle and swingarm off of the ground while the bike is sliding. The axle is the most secure location to mount sliders, a much better option than spools. The sliders are fabricated from ABS plastic and use high quality stainless steel fasteners.

ABS was chosen over the Delrin used in many other slider products because its impact resistance is over seven times higher and is 10% harder. The sliders are fitted to the motorcycle in just minutes and may be removed and reinstalled easily an unlimited number of times for rear wheel removal.

Rhinomoto rear axle sliders can still be used with most of the popular rear stands, including Pit Bull stands.

*Do not fit Caponord 1200/Caponord 1200 Rally because that bike's exhaust passes too close to the axle.

Please note the polymer plastic material that these sliders are made out of must not come in contact with thread lock compound.

Please note: Some post '07 models have a rubber plug installed in the nut side of the axle. Remove it as shown below to use these sliders.




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