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Updated: June 24, 2019

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Used Ohlins FG8660 Front Fork Pair (APU_ForkOhlins-181207)

Used Ohlins FG8660 Front Fork Pair

Used Ohlins FG8660 Front Fork Pair

For '00.'5-'02 Mille-R and '02 Tuono Racing

Can also be fitted as an upgrade to '98-'03 Mille*, '00-'03 Falco* and '02-'05 Tuono (standard models)*

These forks were removed from a track only '01 Mille-R with 11,500 miles.

As the pictures below show; while straight and totally functional, these forks have pretty much seen it all.

The LH lower fork hub has scratches from a fall. The LH nitrided slider has a single 10mm long scratch that, at least to now, has not caused a leak or premature seal failure, but should be refinished at some point in the future.

The brake caliper hangers have been slotted to allow for safety wiring or cotter pins.

Critically, the axle pinch bolts clevices show no signs of stress or having been over torqued.

Despite needing at minimum a full service (new oil and seals), these forks may still be the cheapest way you'll ever get your hands on a set of Ohlins forks for a Gen 1 Aprilia.

Retail for these forks was over $2500

*Please note: Owners of '98-'03 Mille, '00-'03 Falco, and '02-'05 Tuono (standard/base models) will require additional parts to install these forks. Email us your VIN and we will give you price and availability of those parts. 

List Price : $800.00


You Save : $250.00 (31%)


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