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Updated: January 18, 2019

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Used OZ Wheels '01 Spec (APU_REDOZ-181207)

Used OZ Wheels '01 Spec

Used OZ Wheelset '01 Spec

Direct fit for '98-'02 Mille, Mille-R, '02-'05 Tuono (non Racing/non-R models) '00-'03 Falco.

These are real deal OZ forged Aluminum lightweight wheels. They have been repainted Red (original color would have been blue).

These wheels can also be fitted to '03 Mille-R and '02-'05 Tuono Racing/Tuono Factory with the addition of Radial Rotor Spacers

Fitment to other models may be possible, check this thread on for more information.

These wheels are in very good mechanical condition, and measure within spec for radial and axial runout.

These wheels have been repainted and though the repaint was of high quality, the toll of more than a decade of trackside tire changes have led to quite a few cosmetic blemishes.

The images below detail the blemishes.

Retail for this wheelset was over $2000



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