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Updated: July 01, 2020
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Matris F20 Fork Cartridge Kit for '11-'17 Stelvio (MA-F20M103K)

Matris F20 Fork Cartridge Kit for '11-'17 Stelvio

^**Photo above may not show current fork cap design. Matris, being Italian, likes to subtly restyle the cap at least once a year, so the fork cap you get may not be 100% identical to the photo.

Matris F20 Fork Cartridge Kit for '11-'17 Stelvio (all variants)**

The Italian made Matris F20 Fork cartridge kit features Compression, Rebound, and spring pre-load adjustment

*Does not include springs, the stock springs are re-used*

Each leg features spring pre-load adjustment while Compression and Rebound are adjusted in separate legs (LH leg does compression, RH leg does rebound).

Additional details and features:

  • Fork cartridge cylinder is 20 mm diameter and made from aluminum alloy, with lapping and oxidation surface treatment.
  • Pumping rod is 12 mm in diameter and is also made from aluminum alloy Al 7075, with lapping and hard oxidation surface treatment.
  • Set of Compression and Rebound valves, supported by oilless slide bearings, machined from Aluminium billet, each with its own dedicated shims stack for precise hydraulic flow control.
  • Valve sets have been specially designed to prevent cavitation.
  • All internal and external Aluminium components are supplied with anodizing surface treatment.
  • No modification to the original fork (no cut, no drill) is required for assembly of this fork kit
  • This kit allows you to stay on the factory recommended regular maintenance schedule.

Installation instructions are included, but a VERY high level of suspension knowledge is assumed. Factory Service Manual is included as a .pdf download with this product to aid in stock fork disassembly.

*Professional installation is absolutely mandatory. No exceptions. Over the years we have found that 100% of all kits returned were completely correct and could be installed without issue on locally serviced bikes. In other words, all allegedly wrong kits were attributable to user error. For this reason, we insist that all Matris fork and cartridge kits are professionally installed. 

**Please note this fork kit is for Marzocchi brand forks only. Marzocchi forks will have the emblem seen below embossed on the inner hub. If you can not find this mark on your fork hub inner (just above where the axle goes through) these cartridges do not fit your bike:



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