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Updated: July 07, 2020
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Moto Guzzi Journey Adj. Clutch Lever - 606438M (606438M)

Moto Guzzi Journey Adj. Clutch Lever - 606438M

Moto Guzzi Journey Adjustable Clutch Lever - 606438M


  • MGX 21
  • Audace 1400
  • California 1400 Touring
  • California 1400 Custom
  • Eldorado 1400


An Official Moto Guzzi accessory, this lever is a bit of a daring departure from typical aftermarket levers. With this lever, Moto Guzzi decided to go for ruggedness over form. The result is a billet lever that has a ball end that is "dipped" in delrin. A unique look for sure, but this may be the most durable lever you can put on a 1400 Guzzi.

Matching Front Brake Lever is 606439M

***Installation of this aftermarket lever is somewhat more complicated than typical.

The installation procedure for the clutch lever is illustrated below:

Remove Snap Ring from lever pivot:

Grind off pivot as shown:

When pin is removed the pivot will look like this: (note brass spring washer)

Use supplied pin, washer, and nut (seen in first photo) to secure pivot to new lever:


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