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Updated: December 12, 2018

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Mistral Black Polished Slip-Ons For V7 III's (MGV7IIIBP)

Mistral Black Polished Slip-Ons For V7 III's

Mistral Full-Length Black Polished Slip-Ons

  • V7 III Stone
  • V7 III Special
  • V7 III Anniversario
  • V7 III Rough
  • V7 III Milano
  • V7 III Carbon Shine
  • V7 III Carbon Dark

Polished sleeves and stainless steel construction with billet end caps, these impressive slip-ons are made by Mistal in Mandello del Lario, Italy. They include a removable db killer and give your V7 the classic V-2 sound.

Db killer has been specailly designed to reduce sound output while not sacrificing low and midrange torque.

Sold as a LH and RH pair.

Please note: Does not include new exhaust gaskets. Order OEM Moto Guzzi Exhaust Gasket (quantity 2) with this product to ensure a leak free installation.



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