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Updated: January 21, 2019

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Lightech License Plate Bracket for V4's (LIKTARAP107)

Lightech License Plate Bracket for V4's

Lightech Adjustable License Plate Bracket

For '09-'18 RSV4 (all variants) and '11-'18 Tuono V4 (all variants)

This Italian made license plate bracket kit comes with the USA sized license plate frame and offers angle adjustability for the plate.

Perhaps the most desirable feature of this kit is that the bracket to hold your stock (or aftermarket) turn signals can simply be unbolted, allowing for a very sleek final installation. (see images below)

The kit includes an LED license plate light. This light does have three wires and they will need to be cut, spliced, and soldered into your stock license plate wiring.

Includes an optional rear facing red rectangular reflector.

Includes all required fitting hardware and very brief installation instructions. The diagrams do not call out what fastener goes where, so some experimentation may be required when fitting, not impossible, just figure you'll need a little more patience when assembling for the first time. Each fastener only really fits in one location.

May not be street legal in all states. Check your local laws before ordering.



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