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Updated: July 10, 2020
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Pit-Bull Hybrid Triple Tree Pin Lift Stand w/#1 (AF1-PBF0100-000-PBF0001-001)

Pit-Bull Hybrid Triple Tree Pin Lift Stand w/#1

Pit-Bull Hybrid Triple Tree Pin Lift Stand w/#1 Pin (18mm diameter)

  • V7 Classic
  • V7 Racer
  • V7 Racer II
  • V7 Stone
  • V7 Stone II
  • V7 Special
  • V7 Special II
  • V7 II Stornello

Pit Bull's Hybrid Headlift Stand is based upon a modular design and can be easily converted to lift from the forks instead of the lower triple tree with the addition of a few parts (see right margin of this page)

The Hybrid Headlift Front features 7 index able height adjustments, which is very desirable when removing the forks on your motorcycle.

The upper portion of the Hybrid Headlift features a threaded 6mm hole which will allow you to install a simple 6mm bolt to serve as a caliper holder.

*Does Not Include Fork Lift Converter Swivel Heads

Please note: As with any Pin Lift style stand, it is always best to seat the pin fully in the lower triple tree BEFORE attempting to raise the motorcycle.

Please also note: This lift can only be used in conjunction with a rear stand.



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