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Updated: February 19, 2020
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Brembo Brake Caliper Seals Kit - 30mm (KTM61313021000)

Brembo Brake Caliper Seals Kit - 30mm

Brembo Brake Caliper Seals Kit - 30mm  

***Measure the diameter of your piston before ordering***  

Includes four seals and four dust seals:
  • If rebuilding a rear caliper, order quantity 1 (you will have two seals and two dust seals left over)
  • If rebuilding a front caliper order quantity 1, per caliper
Delivered exactly as seen in the picture. 

The pressure seals in this kit measure 30mm ID x 36mm OD x 3mm Height

*Please note: The secondary seals/dust wipers in this kit will not fit all calipers types. We are not able to special order secondary seals/dust wipers by size, so if these do not fit, you will have to re-use your original secondary seals. 



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