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Updated: October 17, 2019
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Aprilia Race ECU [MY2017] -#CM281707 *RSV4* (CM281707)

Aprilia Race ECU [MY2017] -#CM281707 *RSV4*

Aprilia Accessory "Race" ECU


  • '17-'19 RSV4 RR
  • '17-'18 RSV4 RF
Not for '19 RSV4 1100 Factory. That model uses Race ECU CM281721 instead.

When you order this official Aprilia ECU, AF1 Racing selects the newest, and best available RACE map for your V4 . This ECU is "unlocked" and can be updated to newer RACE maps by your dealer (if newer maps become available).

This ECU is pre-programmed with the official Aprilia the RACE map for use with aftermarket full system or slip-on exhausts.

Traction control and power per gyro angle settings on this ecu are more conservative (oriented towards spirited riding) than those used on the Aprilia Corse ecu (oriented towards competitive on track racing).

AF1 Racing strongly recommends purchasing this RACE ECU in if you have installed an exhaust system with no catalytic converter or a removable dBkiller. When using exhaust systems without catalytic converter but with the dB-killer installed (such as when riding on circuits with noise restrictions), using the RACE ECU is still recommended.

The ECU is loaded with the three maps R, S and T, all of which full power maps. 

This ECU is compatible with the V4-MP / V4 AMP accessory ECU.

*Please Note: You will still need to visit your local Dealer to have throttle and handle learning procedures performed (ride-by-wire calibration) with the dealer diagnostic computer.  You bike will be inoperable with this ECU until this is done.  A DIY option for the advanced user is to use the GuzziDIAG software.  GuzziDIAG/IAWDIAG is not supported by AF1 Racing.

**Please note: If you are buying this 2017-2019 RACE ecu outside of the USA or Canada, a dealer visit may be required.  We are unsure how the ABS units are programmed outside of the USA and Canada.  The ABS unit you already have and this new ECU must match units (mph or kph). 

If they do not match, you will not have cruise control, and some other basic features until a dealer can properly configure the mph/kph setting in this new ECU.  We are setting them all to MPH as that works perfectly for USA and Canadian bikes.   USA and Canadian customers will have their ECU fully setup for easy DIY install with GuzziDIAG

Not USA Emissions/DOT legal. For Closed Circuit Use Only. 

This is an electrical part. All electronic parts sales are final. Electronic parts are non-refundable, non-returnable.


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