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Updated: August 21, 2019
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Michelin City Grip 140/70-16 Tire (PU03400326)

Michelin City Grip 140/70-16 Tire

Michelin City Grip 140/70-16 Tire

For '03-'06 Scarabeo 500* (Rear Tire)

The City Grip features progressive sipe technology with a tread design that increases the number of sipes in contact with the road as you lean into corners.

Developed for large displacement and elevated weight Maxi scooters

Rear tire's tread pattern and rubber mix helps improve tire durability.

S rated for speeds upto 112 mph

*Please note: This tire is for Scarabeo 500 GT only. '06-'11 Scarabeo Owners will need the 150/70-14 size tire



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