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Updated: May 23, 2019

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ECU Gender / Update / Change for V4 (mapping-V4-GenderX)

ECU Gender / Update / Change for V4

ECU "Gender or Update Change" for '09-'15 RSV4, '11-'15 Tuono V4.  

This service allows you to change the "gender" of your V4 ECU from Tuono to RSV4, or RSV4 to Tuono.

Works with RACE or stock mapping. 

This service can also be used for map updates and features:

  • Old RACE to newest RACE
  • Stock to newest Stock
  • For turning ON or OFF ABS (09-16)
  • For turning ON or OFF APRC (09-16)
  • For turning ON or OFF QS.  (09-16)
  • For setting MPH/KPH on 2017+ ECUs

Please fill out the menu on the right of this page for the gender you want your ECU changed to.  

*Please Note: You will still need to visit your local Dealer to have throttle and handle learning procedures performed (ride-by-wire calibration) with the dealer diagnostic computer.  You bike will be inoperable with this ECU until this is done.  A DIY option for the advanced user is to use the GuzziDIAG software.  GuzziDIAG/IAWDIAG is not supported by AF1 Racing.

Add this item to your cart, pick return shipping, and submit your order. Once purchased, ship your ECU insured for $800 USD to the address below:

AF1 Racing
9900 North Interstate 35
Austin, TX 78753



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