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Updated: April 03, 2020
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Harri's Road Clear Grips, Red/Black (SM01684-FNRN)

Harri's Road Clear Grips, Red/Black

Harri's Road Clear Grips, Red/Black

One of the more visually striking grip sets on the market, these Italian made road clear grips are an exceptionally attractive grip that works well and is visually distinctive. 

The material used in the production of Harri's grips was developed in the USA and used in the aerospace industry where wet environments were common. 

The Harri's grips are not porous, the molecular structure is dense and the specially formulated rubber absorbs and neutralizes vibration.

*Please note: Improper installation of these grips can EASILY damage the printing inside the grip. To avoid damage during installation, it is crucial that the grip is not twisted or spun during installation and that the below fitting instructions are strictly adhered to. 

  1. After removing the old grips, clean the handlebar ends (making sure to remove any burrs, or sharp edges).
  2. Clean the twist grip assembly with surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) or contact lens cleaner or another solvent such as alcohol. (Use of non approved solvents or cleaners will damage the printed grip sleeve).
  3. Clean and lubricate the inside of the Harri's grip with water or rubbing alcohol and then push it into place on the bar WITHOUT twisting or spinning the grip. 
  4. Do not use SOAP, OIL, OR GASOLINE/PETROLEUM products on the Harri's grips or they will be ruined. 
  5. Wait 2 hours to allow grips to settle before using.

**Please note: Aprilia & Moto Guzzi throttle tubes are ribbed. In order to fit the throttle side grip without bulges in the grip, the ribs from the plastic throttle tube will have to be filed down.

***Owners of bikes with APRC, please also note: These grips do not have a counterbore to slide over the APRC bracket on the clutch side handlebar. If you use these grips on an APRC equipped model, the APRC paddle support bracket will be visible.



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