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Updated: July 01, 2020
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Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery -LFX21A6 (TR42-3812)

Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery -LFX21A6

Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery -LFX21A6

Shorai Batteries include terminal screws, shimming foam, and the user manual/warranty*** card.

  • Ultra Light. Usually 1/5th the weight of a lead acid battery.
  • Zero sulfation for longer service life.
  • Can hold unloaded charge for up to one year.
  • Military spec carbon composite case for maximum durability.
  • Faster cranking for better starts.
  • Fast recharge rate.
  • No spill-able acid.
  • Japanese engineered,
  • Dimensions - 5.8” L x 3.3” W x 5.5” H 
  • Weight - 3.0 lbs
  • 21.0 Amp Hours (PBEQ/AH)
  • Amperage Output (CCA) - 315 Amps
  • Maximum Charge Voltage - 15.2V*
  • Chemistry - Lithium Iron
  • Connection - Brass terminals with 6MM x 10MM threaded holes

This battery is a suitable replacement for Yuasa YTX14BS.

AF1 Racing recommends use of the Shorai Charge and Store Battery Management Charger so that maximum battery life and performance can be obtained.

*Shorai Batteries require a charging system output of 13.1 Volts or higher at idle, and must not exceed 15.2 volts at maximum output.

***Conditional 3 year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Please note the following conditions possibly not covered under warranty:

-Physical Damage: Crashed, submerged, opened, or over torqued batteries are not subject to warranty coverage. -Overdischarge: While Shorai batteries have a slow self discharge rate, it is not infinite. Shorai batteries that are discharged below 11.2V may not be subject to warranty coverage. -Overvoltage or Overcurrent charging: Batteries that are not charged using Shorai battery charger may not be subject to warranty coverage. -Short Circuit of battery terminals. Extreme care must be taken with Shorai batteries to ensure that the battery terminals are not short circuited during installation or operation. Short circuited batteries may not be subject to warranty coverage.

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