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AF1 Racing now offers a full line of premium AGIP oils, chemicals, and lubricants.

Fat Duc O2 Emulator For Aprilia, MotoGuzzi & Vespa (FD02M-1)

Fat Duc O2 Emulator For Aprilia, MotoGuzzi & Vespa

Fat Duc O2 Emulator

For Aprilia:

  • '18 Shiver 900 (quantity 2 required)
  • '07-'16 Shiver 750
  • '18 Dorsoduro 900 (quantity 2 required)
  • '09-'16 Dorsoduro 750
  • '11-'13 Dorsoduro 1200
  • '08-'15 Mana, Mana GT
  • '06-'08 SportCity 250
  • '08-'10 SportCity Cube 250
  • '14-'17 CapoNord 1200 (quantity 2 required)
  • '16-'17 Caponord 1200 Rally (quantity 2 required)

For Vespa:

  • '07-'10 GTS 250, Vepsa GTS 250 Super
  • '11-'14 LX 150 
  • '11-'14 S 150
  • '17 Primavera 150 iGet
  • '17 Sprint 150 iGet

For Moto Guzzi

  • Griso 1100
  • Griso 1200 8V
  • '07-'08 Moto Guzzi 1200
  • '07-'08 Sport Breva
  • '06-'09 Norge 1200 (requires quantity 2)
  • '09-'16 Stelvio NTX 1200 8V ABS (requires quantity 2)
  • '08-'12 V7 Classic
  • '11-'12 V7 Racer 
  • '13-'15 V7 Racer (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 Racer II (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 III Racer (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 Stone (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 Stone II (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 III Stone (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 Special (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 Special II (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 III Special (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 Stornello (requires quantity 2)
  • V7 III Anniversario (requires quantity 2)
  • V9 Bobber (requires quantity 2)
  • V9 Roamer (requires quantity 2)
  • MGX 21 (requires quantity 2)
  • California 1400 Touring (requires quantity 2)
  • California 1400 Custom (requires quantity 2)
  • Eldorado 1400 (requires quantity 2)
  • Audace 1400 (requires quantity 2)

FatDuc is a means of richening the part throttle fuel mixture on certain Aprilia/Moto Guzzi/Vespa models specifically the Aprilia Shiver and Dorsoduro 750/1200. This unit fits all models listed above, but extensive, successful testing has been carried out only on the Shiver and Dorsoduro 750/1200 models.

The reason your bike suffers from poor fuel economy and throttle response is emissions mandated lean fueling, also the cause of the extreme heat coming from the exhaust system and very hot running in town, this device SIMPLY plugs inline with the stock oxygen sensor and allows a small reduction in the voltage of the return signal to the ECU, which richens the mixture. This results in improved throttle response, fuel economy (I know this seems contradictory) and smoother running at cruise.

There is NO full throttle power gain to be expected since it does not alter wide open throttle fueling. The difference when riding the bike however is night and day, AND the device is adjustable.

You CANNOT make the motor run leaner with this mod anywhere in the rpm range but it is adjustable from an effective zero change from stock to very rich, we recommend you try the “as delivered” setting on the trip screw first and make only very small adjustments from there.

Full installation insturctions, as provided by FatDuc are available as a .pdf download at the link below:

FatDuc Emulator Instructions

An illustrated insturction guide for the Dorsoduro 750 can be found on our forum at this link.

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SuperSprox 525 Pitch Counter Shaft Sprocket 15 Tooth For '18 Shiver 900, '07-'15 Shiver, '18 Dorsoduro 900, '09-'16 Dorsoduro 750, '11-'13 Dorsoduro 1200, '14-'17 Caponord 1200, '16-'17 Caponord 1200 Rally


DNA High Performance Washable Air Filter For '18 Shiver 900, '07-'15 Shiver, '18 Dorsoduro 900, '09-'16 Dorsoduro 750


Hi-Flo Oil Filter Two Pack For '09-'14 Dorsoduro 750/1200, '07-'14 Shiver, '08-'14 Mana, Mana GT, Caponord 1200 AF1 Recommended alternative to OEM 82960R

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