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Updated: September 13, 2019
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OEM Aprilia Wiring Diagram Sport City 250 (Manual-8181026WD)

OEM Aprilia Wiring Diagram Sport City 250

OEM Aprilia Wiring Diagram .PDF Download.

This is a factory wiring diagram for '06-'08 Sport City 250.

Starting in 2006 all Piaggio and Aprilia products have their wiring diagrams laid out separately from the service station manuals in super high resolution (supports over 400% zoom level) .pdf files.

Purchase this product to download a .pdf version of the wiring diagram.  This is not a hard copy of the diagram.

The wiring diagram will be available to download by logging into your AF1 Racing account, or wait for delivery of the CD-Rom, if that option was chosen.

Once the order is shown as "paid" or "shippped" you may download the wiring diagram.



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