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Updated: October 22, 2019
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Special Order Part (special01)

Special Order Part

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All OEM Aprilia, Vespa, and Piaggio part numbers are now live in our database.  Please use the search function above to add OEM part numbers to your cart.

Only use this link to order parts if (and only if) instructed to do so by an AF1 Racing staff member.

This is a secure method to submit your credit card information for part numbers that are not listed in our online store.

Copy/Paste the part number you were quoted into the area labelled "List the items you want to buy here:".

Once your order is submitted we will edit your order total to reflect the amount quoted before processing your credit card payment.



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Cycle Cynch Motorcycle Restraint W/ TIE DOWNS
Tie down your bike the correct way. Trusted by Aprilia USA to securely hold the show bikes in the Aprilia Transporter, the cycle cynch doesn't mess up your grips or mash your switch groups.
Rear Footrest, RH GU32442310
Rear Footrest, RH GU32442310

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