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Updated: June 05, 2020
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AF1 Racing 12k & 24k Service Kit - TV4 Deluxe (AF1-12k24k-SVCKIT-11-19-TV4DLX)

AF1 Racing 12k & 24k Service Kit - TV4 Deluxe

AF1 Racing 12k & 24k Service Kit Deluxe  

This is a comprehensive service kit for '11-'19 Tuono V4 (all variants). 

*Please note: This kit includes the stock AP8104329 air filter. If your Tuono has been fitted with the '09-'15 RSV4 Air Filter Kit, order the '11-'15 RSV4 12k & 24k service kit instead. 

This kit includes oil change & valve check tools.

A copy of the factory service manual for '17-'19 Tuono V4 is included as a digital download with this product. This link to an abridged version on also is helpful for the owner attempting a valve check for the first time. 

This kit is everything you need per the factory service manual at your 12k and 24k mile (not kilometer) service. 

Complete list of contents is below:
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer
  • 4 Liters of the Aprilia Recommended 5W40 Power 1 motor oil
  • Air Filter
  • Clutch Cover Gasket
  • Stator Cover Gasket
  • Valve Cover Gasket (quantity 2)
  • Spark Plug Gasket (quantity 4)
  • Ignition Coil Gasket (quantity 4)
  • Valve Cover Bolt Gasket (quantity 6)
  • Cam Tower Bolt Crush Washer (quantity 8)
  • Cam Tower Oil Delivery Pipe O-rings (Quantity 4) [not pictured]
  • Cam Sprocket Bolt (Quantity 4) [not pictured]
  • Brembo DOT 4 brake fluid (250mL)
  • NGK CR9EKB Spark Plug (quantity 4)
  • Motorex 3.0 Pink Coolant (3 liters)
  • Oil Filter Removal Socket 
  • 10mm Allen Key with 3/8ths drive
  • Camshaft Gear Holding Tool 020956Y
  • Camshaft Timing Pin 020851Y
  • Crankshaft Lock Pin 020852Y

A 12k or 24k service is a perfect time to look at installing a set of Driven Block-Off Plates, or if you want an even easier block-off plate solution, see this thread on



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