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Updated: August 03, 2020
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Eglide Touring Windscreen 22.5x20.5 (EGL-AS-36)

Eglide Touring Windscreen 22.5x20.5

Eglide Touring Windscreen 21 x 20.5

For '19-'20 V85 TT (all variants)

Screen measures a total height of 22.5 inches with a height above the top of the windscreen of approximately 21.5 inches. Max width is 20.5 inches. (Approximately 4 inches taller than the stock V85 TT Adventure screen)

This vented windscreen minimizes turbulence, and behind the screen back pressure which results in excellent coverage of the head and torso. Compared to stock this results in a cockpit area that is quieter and calmer than stock.

This screen was designed from scratch to compliment the lines of the V85TT

Quiet cockpit area, much less noise & turbulence than stock.

Made from 4.5mm thick (3/16") DOT certified impact resistant plastic

This windscreen re-uses all stock mounting hardware (bolt,washer, and grommet).
There are no installation instructions other than a max torque warning sticker, but this screen installs in exactly the same way as the stock screen.
Eglide includes a micro-fiber cleaning towel, and mini-spray bottle of windshield cleaner with all windscreens they sell.

Eglide also offers Ergonomic Windscreen Adjustment knobs and Smaller Stealth Windscreen Adjustment knobs, so you can make screen height adjustments quickly and easily, even while still wearing your riding gloves.
*Please note: When the windscreen is at it most forward tilted position, the bottom edge of the screen could tap the forward edge of the headlight support. Something to bear in mind if you install this screen and then start to hear a light tapping at some speeds. (example image at the bottom of this page)



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