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Updated: July 03, 2020
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Battery Tender Junior Next Gen (PU38070403)

Battery Tender Junior Next Gen

Battery Tender Junior Next Gen

12v 800mA Lithium or Lead Acid Charger  

Smart trickle charger with the ability to correctly store, charge and maintain both Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries

Simple single button allows you to select lead acid or Lithium battery. 

This is the recommended battery charger for all Battery Tender BMS type batteries.
  • Fully automatic battery charger with solid state color LED to indicate stage of charge.
  • Spark proof & reverse polarity protected
  • 12' output cord
  • Includes alligator and ring terminal type connectors.
  • 5 year warranty

Device rated for 110VAC - 60Hz only

(Formerly part number PU0210123 and PU38070381)



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