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Updated: July 03, 2020
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Battery Tender BMS Lithium Smart Battery 270cca (PU21130708)

Battery Tender BMS Lithium Smart Battery 270cca

Battery Tender BMS Lithium Smart Battery 270cca

Thanks to it's incorporated BMS circuit board, this is the smartest, best performing, and safest Lithium powersports battery we've ever offered.

Roughly equivalent to the conventional Yuasa YTX14-BS or Yuasa YT12ABS batteries offered elsewhere on this site, this battery not only has more cold cranking amps (270 versus the Yuasa's 200) but is also lighter (2.2 lbs versus 10lbs) and smaller (Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.4 x 3.7 inches)

All Battery Tender BMS batteries feature four terminals (two positive and two negative) that allow less challenging fitment regardless of variety of bike.

Flexible accessory blocks are also included to absorb vibration and to allow custom fitment on many different battery tray/compartment sizes.

Includes BMS Smart battery management system that monitors, optimizes and protects the battery.

Battery management system is used to monitor battery SOC (State of Charge), optimize battery performance, protect battery from over-charge (over voltage protection), protect from over-discharge (low voltage shut-off).

When BMS detects possible over-charge or over-discharge (voltage below a certain threshold), the BMS will shut off the battery (cannot charge/discharge) to prevent permanent battery damage

User can re-activate the lithium battery by pressing the Battery Activation Switch on the included Quick Disconnect Cable to allow battery to be charged again.

Quick Disconnect Cable has three terminals: one to positive, one to negative and one to Battery Activation Switch

Fireproof coating engineered mechanism that supports high current flow during voltage discharging to provide thermal protection and stability.

LiFePO4 Cell High performance UL1642 certified LFP cell.

IP67 bottom case engineered material with high melting point.

NOTE: The Battery Tender Lithium Charger is recommended to recharge this Battery Tender BMS battery.



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