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Updated: May 24, 2019

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Bonamici GP Shift Rearsets for '17-'19 V4's (MD-BON-A005R)

Bonamici GP Shift Rearsets for '17-'19 V4's

Bonamici GP Shift Rearsets for '17-'19 RSV4 (all variants) and '17-'19 Tuono V4 (all variants)

Made in Italy from billet aluminum, these rearsets are probably what everyone's mind would image when it comes to the sort of functional, yet beautiful rearsets that it seems only Italy can produce. 

Each pedal rides on ball bearings for the smoothest possible operation. 

In addition to a proprietary rear brake return spring design, these rearsets also feature a shift shaft that is situated BEHIND the heel plate to allow for obstruction free shifting.

Nine adjustable footpeg positions (lowest, most forward setting is equivalent to stock, all others are higher and further back.) 

Delivered as seen in the photo above, though Bonamici, as with any Italian vendor is known to subtly cosmetically restyle some element of their rearsets at least once per year. 

Spare parts are available. 

Allows reuse of rear brake switch and quick shift/auto-blip sensor so all APRC and ABS functions are retained. 



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