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Updated: December 14, 2018

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Matris M46 KD Rear Shock for '12-'17 Stelvio (MM102.1KD)

Matris M46 KD Rear Shock for '12-'17 Stelvio

^*Photo above may not show current design. Matris, being Italian, likes to subtly restyle the some element of the shock at least once a year, so we can not guarantee the shock(s) will be 100% identical to the photo. 

Matris M46 KD Rear Shock 

For '12-'17 Stelvio NTX-ABS

This Italian made shock is a reasonably priced and higher quality alternative to OEM Part Number 886201.

Shock features Rebound, Length and Spring PreLoad adjustment.

All shocks are built to order in Italy, 3-5 weeks for delivery may be required. 



Rider Weight WITHOUT Gear (in lbs)  (*) :

Live Stock Status:
Arrives at our Warehouse in 3-4 Weeks
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