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Updated: February 23, 2018

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Malossi 02/Lambda Emulator (PI5514749)

Malossi 02/Lambda Emulator
Malossi 02/Lambda Emulator  

  • '18 Vespa GTS 300, GTS 300 Super, GTS 300 Touring
  • '06-'10 GTS 250
  • '08-'10 GTS 250 Super
  • '07-'10 GTV 250
  • '18 Primavera 150 iGet
  • '18 Sprint 150 iGet
The Malossi Lambda Emulator is a means of richening the part throttle fuel mixture by manipulating the signal from the bike's stock 02 sensor.

The reason your bike suffers from poor fuel economy and throttle response is emissions mandated lean fueling, also the cause of the extreme heat coming from the exhaust system and very hot running in town, this device SIMPLY plugs inline with the stock oxygen sensor and allows a small reduction in the voltage of the return signal to the ECU, which richens the mixture. This results in improved throttle response, fuel economy (I know this seems contradictory) and smoother running at cruise.

There is NO full throttle power gain to be expected since it does not alter wide open throttle fueling. 

The difference when riding the bike however is night and day.
This device has been specifically developed by malossi for the models listed above. The device is plug and play and non-adjustable. 

List Price : $104.99


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Ships in 3-4 Weeks
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