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Updated: October 21, 2019
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Oil Fill Funnel & Quick Check Dipstick for 500cc (OCT448531)

Oil Fill Funnel & Quick Check Dipstick for 500cc

Oil Fill Funnel & Quick Check Dipstick for 500 cc scooters.

For '07-'11 MP3 400, '07-'11 MP3 500, '16-'18 MP3 500 Sport ABS, all BV 500, All X9 500, '03-'06 Scarabeo, '01-'04 Atlantic 500, and '06-'11 Scarabeo 500.

Use this clever 2-in-1 tool to quickly refill your engine oil after an oil change. This small 3D printed plastic funnel has a dipstick molded into it that will allow you to quickly check your oil level at the same time without having to screw the stock oil plug back in to get an accurate oil level check.

This part is made from cast plastic so it should not be used as a hammer, but it is more than useful enough to warrant being in your toolbox.

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