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Updated: August 03, 2020
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DNA High Performance Air Filter For V4 (DN_PAP10S09-0R)

DNA High Performance Air Filter For V4

DNA High Performance Washable Air Filter

For '09-'15 RSV4 (all variants) and '11-'19 Tuono V4 (all variants), Tuono V4 1100 (all variants)

Filter comes factory pre-oiled. DNA service kits are available separately. 

The DNA high performance air filter is a high quality next generation multilayer cotton gauze oil impregnated air filter.

The filter media is made of 4 layer surgical grade cotton gauze sandwiched between two layers of epoxy coated Marine grade wire mesh.

This filter is designed with an metal brace impregnated into the filter perimeter. This brace allows improved sealing at the edges of the filter, for maximum protection against foreign particle ingestion, and smoothest possible airflow.

The result of the special design and the manufacturing process is a filtration media that has a very high flow rate with low restriction, superior dust capturing, while allowing a smooth, uninterrupted air stream.




***Please note: This filter can be used in place of either the stock AP8104329 "square edges" filter or the stock 858930 "rounded edges" filter because this filter kit does away with the stock air filter brackets. Further details below:

This filter can be easily installed in any RSV4 or Tuono V4 because it comes with its own molded-in hold down ring that allows you to remove the somewhat feeble stock Aprilia air filter hold down brackets. See photos below.

Photo below shows the three holes that the DNA filter screws into (indicated by red arrows):




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