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Updated: February 17, 2020
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Cloned Arrow 11010ME EPROM (GI11010ME)

Cloned Arrow 11010ME EPROM

For 98-01 USA RSV Mille models and 98-00 Euro RSV Mille models.  Also fits all Falco.

This cheap eprom is the perfect choice for street ridden Milles and Falcos with only a slip-on exhaust and high flow air filter. (If you have a complete airbox kit or a full system exhaust, you will need additional tuning).

Chip has one map, and the CO trim pots are not activated.

Mapping is very similar to the de-restricted map found on the stock Euro/ World EPROM.

Take care to install this chip in the exact same way as the one you remove (notch must face same direction) or the chip will be short circuited and destroyed.

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