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Updated: August 13, 2020
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Accossato 2 Color Grips, Green (ACGR006-Green)

Accossato 2 Color Grips, Green

Accossato 2 Color Grips, Green

A longtime OEM supplier to Aprilia, Accossato of Italy offers these medium compound grips as a bit flashier, yet still comfortable and confident alternative to the OEM Grips.

Includes one left and one right grip

It is also highly recommended to get the Renthal grip glue to install these....the stuff works.

**Please note: Aprilia & Moto Guzzi throttle tubes are ribbed. In order to fit the throttle side grip without bulges in the grip, the ribs from the plastic throttle tube will have to be filed down.

***Owners of bikes with APRC, please also note: These grips do not have a counterbore to slide over the APRC bracket on the clutch side handlebar. If you use these grips on an APRC equipped model, the APRC paddle support bracket will be visible.



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