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Updated: August 07, 2020
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Pazzo Adjustable P Red Levers, Short '19-'20 V85 (AF1-PADB80-PRxS-PAD37-PRxS)

Pazzo Adjustable P Red Levers, Short '19-'20 V85

Pazzo Adjustable Powdercoated Red (essentially classic Ferrari Red) Levers, Short

For '19-'20 V85 TT (all variants)
These adjustable on-the-fly levers have six lever positions to allow you to tailor the lever throw to your preferences.

These levers are approximately 1.25 inches shorter than stock. 

Anodized aluminum is bright and the machining is brilliantly finished.

Six position adjuster can be selected in several different colors, including Titanium, which is really still anodized aluminum, that mimics the color of titanium.

Made in Canada.

Additional Lever and Selector Colors are available by Special order. Email Us for details.



Pazzo Adjuster Color  (*) :
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   Gold ($0.00)
   Green ($0.00)
   Orange ($0.00)
   Purple ($0.00)
   Silver ($0.00)
   BLACK ($0.00)
   Titanium ($0.00)
   Red ($0.00)

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