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Updated: July 09, 2020
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Sprint Air Filter (BP-402194)

Sprint Air Filter

Sprint Air Filter

For '09-'15 RSV4*** (All variants)

Made from Single layer polyester, the same P08 material currently used in MotoGP and WSBK.

This innovative polyester material allows for consistent airflow.

The filter medial is captured with steel wire mesh with epoxy varnish finish.

Optimized filter surface area provides more airflow, more power and finer filtration.

Increased air permeability and filtration efficiency when compared to cotton based air filters

Airflow: 5,050 l/m2/sec. / Filtration: 80┬Ám

Can be cleaned using only compressed air. This is a dry filter, no oil treatments required

***Please note: An infinitesimally small number of early version '09-'10 RSV4-R were fitted with the square cornered AP8104329 paper filter instead of the rounded edges filter shown in this ad. If you have an '09-'10 RSV4-R please inspect your filter before ordering. If you have an '09-'10 RSV4-R with the AP8104329 paper filter, you would need to purchase the lower filter bracket 858877, the upper filter bracket 858878, and the 5 of the fitting screws AP8152329 to install this Sprint P08 filter.

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