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Updated: March 30, 2020
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RaceSeats Racing Seat for RSV4 (RS-RS01-10)

RaceSeats Racing Seat for RSV4

RaceSeats Racing Seat for RSV4's running race bodywork.

The RaceSeats saddle for racing tails has a unique feature: It is adhered with Velcro.
This saddle is formed by a layer of light sponge covered with 3 mm of a special high density mousse, identical material chosen and used by numerous MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and SBK teams for their drivers' saddles.
This special material is designed for the things most favored by racers: excellent grip. The result is improved feel with the bike, even in wet conditions. The mousse material is also much less likely to wear than the standard foam found on most racebike saddles.
Saddle is approximately 20mm thick (3/4ths inch) but 15mm and or 25mm thickness are available via special order.
Please note: This is a competition saddle. It has been designed solely for racing use. The "competition" concept is to give optimal performance and grip on the track, therefore some small cracks and imperfections could appear after use. This is normal and does not compromise the quality and usability of the saddle, so do not will be considered a defect of the saddle itself and are not covered by warranty.

Leaving the saddle under the sun makes it reach very high temperatures, as Race Seats uses high quality products and adhesives, it can happen that this condition overheats the glue and forms air bubbles, so be careful and always take care of the saddle and of the bike.

**Please note: Absolutely does not work with stock bodywork. A superbike tail section or race bodywork must be fitted to install/use this part.



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