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Updated: January 23, 2020
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OneWheel Pint, Sand (OWpint-sand)

OneWheel Pint, Sand

OneWheel Pint, Sand

Lithium Battery Powered Small, Light, and Nimble Footboard with 6-8 mile range, 16mph top speed with front and rear LED lights.

Features include:
  • Brushless Hub Motor: Hypercore motor provides smooth power and torque to let you confidently climb hills and inclines.
  • Intuitive Control: Lean Forward to go, lean Back to slow or stop. Keep leaning back and the motor will switch direction (along with the LED running lights)
  • Intelligent LED Lights: Bright LED Head/Tail lights automatically reverse when you change directions.
  • Lithium Battteries: Safe LiFePo4 batteries last for years of everyday use with no decrease in range and no memory decay.
  • 6-8 Mile Range: Room to roam around your city, town, trails, or wherever your journey may take you.
  • 20 Minute Full Recharge: The included Ultracharger plugs into a regular 110V wall outlet but provides a Full Recharge in only 20 minutes!
  • 16mph Top Speed: Uphill or Downhill, the OneWheel provides incredibly smooth and controllable power thanks to the use of balance software controlled by both the tilt and foot board pressure sensors.
  • Connect to the App: Apple and Android users can download an app that monitors range and allows custom settings so that you can tailor your OneWheel's motor characteristics to your preference.
Accessory fenders are available in several colors, and we recommend them. They are great for preventing entanglement with shoestrings and pant legs. 

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