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Updated: July 10, 2020
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USED Right Sachs Fork (APU_895284-200324)

USED Right Sachs Fork

Used Right Sachs Fork


  • '11-'15 RSV4-R
  • '16-'20 RSV4-RR
  • '11-'13 Tuono V4 1000

Removed from a 5,100 mile '14 RSV4-R.

This fork is also very desirable for '14-'20 Tuono V4 -R and -RR who would like to upgrade to cartridge kits. (The '14-'20 Tuono Sachs fork has non-removable internals, so cartridges are much more difficult to install).

Cap shows minor sun fading and has only superficial tooling marks (typical of rebound/compression/preload adjustment).

The outer tube has superficial rock kick-up marks, but nothing out of the ordinary for this mileage. Fork is not leaking, though based on age is due for a service.

Chrome plating of slider is in excellent condition, no pitting or abrasion marks.

Retail is $1,597.66



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