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Updated: August 26, 2019
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Mistral Fuel Injection Trim Module (MG-V-TWINBOOST11)

Mistral Fuel Injection Trim Module

Mistral V-TwinBoost11 Fuel Injection Trim Module

For '19-'20 V85 TT (all variants)

The V-TwinBoost11 ensures consistent fuel injection performance and the benefits include less popping during deceleration; better throttle response providing a reduction in the "on/off" effect between throttle closed and throttle open positions, and improved acceleration; increased torque in the low and middle rpm ranges, which improves vehicle operation at lower engine speeds and can lead to reduced fuel consumption.

Correct wire terminals make installation "plug and play" with no additional modification required.

This item is intended for off-road and closed circuit race use only, and use on public roads may be a violation of local, state and/or federal laws. Check your local and state laws to determine what is authorized for use on your vehicle.

This module is installed on the LH side of the throttle body. It plugs into the TMAP sensor (Temp & Manifold Pressure Sensor). The tail of the wiring is then run under the saddle and into the undertray area. (See photos below). Complete installation instructions in .pdf format



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