Sato Billet Aluminum Rearsets, Black for 660 w/Quickshifter - SA-A-660SRS-BK

Sato Billet Aluminum Rearsets, Black for 660 w/Quickshifter - SA-A-660SRS-BK
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Sato Billet Aluminum Rearsets, Black for 660 w/Quickshifter* - SA-A-660SRS-BK


  • RS660

*Can also be installed on Tuono 660 if the 2S001793 quickshift accessory has been installed. (The RS660 comes standard with the quickshifter.)

This is another of the rearset designs that we think got it "right".

You see, on the 660, the stock rearset does double duty as the swingarm pivot pin base. Which means that any damage to the rearset requires you to remove the swingarm to replace the damaged rearset part. Up until now, all aftermarket rearsets were designed the same way: Damage the rearset and you end up having to pull the swingarm since the footpeg bracket is one piece with the swingarm pivot.

These Sato rearsets definitively remove that weakness because they are a two part design: One part is the swingarm pivot and the second part is the rearset itself which bolts to the swingarm pivot. Not only is this a more efficient design, it's also infinitely more servicable, since any damage to the rearset does not require removal of the swingarm.

This rearset kit also includes a provision to remount your stock rear brake switch (this is required to retain all rider aid functionality).

Features a track-engineered design, with components precision crafted out of light-weight, high strength anodized billet aluminum. Adjustable design provides 5 foot peg positions in useful range for spirited riding.

The shift and brake pedals use miniature double stainless bearings for smooth, precise lever actuation.

You can adjust the positions of the Foot Peg and the Pedal Tip. The Foot Pegs have a knurled pattern for great grip, along with a comfortable, intuitive feel.

The Shift Lever is double-ended so it can be set up for either stock or reverse (GP-style) shift pattern. (*switching to GP shift requires either the Aprilia accessory GP shift kit, or race reflash, or race ECU, or Upmap)

The Pedal Tips are made of tough black Delrin.

*Please note: Since 660's utilize the swingarm pivot for their main attachment point, you'll have to remove the swingarm pivot pin to install these rearsets. Again, you have to essentailly unbolt the swingarm to install these rearsets. At minimum, you'll need a motorycle lift, and pallet jack to install these rearsets. An overhead hoist would also be useful.

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