Rizoma Stealth Mirror, Black -Sold as a Pair - BSS070B For RSV4 and RS660 *See detailed fitment list* *Does not have provision for retaining stock mirror mounted turn signals*
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Rizoma Stealth Mirror, Black -Sold as a Pair - BSS070B

Compelte fitment list at bottom of this page.

*Does not have provision for retaining stock mirror mounted turn signals*

Another product that meets the ever increasing theme of aero optimization. These mirrors have two distinct positions, the low drag configuriation which resemebles a modern MotoGP winglet, and the rearview configuration, which angles the rear view mirror up so the rider can use it for some rearward visibility.

While these are undoubtedly some of the slickest mirrors ever devised, its' important to note that not only is the viewing reflector fairly small (dimensions in image below) but also this mirror is adjustable in pitch only. There is no fore aft adjustment (yaw), and there is no up down adjustment (roll).

Medium Strength Threadlock Compound is strongly recommended.

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