PowerBronze Screen, Light Tint - PZ410-A111-001 For RS660
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PowerBronze Screen, Light Tint - PZ410-A111-001

For RS660

Stock Profile. Made from 3mm Acrylic - Flame polished edge - Uses original fixings - Simple and easy to fit.

Made in the UK and found on many Isle of Man and BSB superbikes.

*Please note: This screen, like all RS660 screens has a small nose tab at the front of the screen. BE PATIENT when installing this screen so as to not break this tab. AF1 Racing will not allow returns for screens with broken nose tabs.

**Please note: PowerBronze screens are race derived screens. They do not feature rolled or bulbed edges like OEM screens do. For this reason it can be possible to see toolilng marks at the edge of the screen from the manfufacturing process (example photo at this link). This is a byproduct of how Powerbronze manufactures their screens and is not a defect.