Maxi Carbon Matte Twill Carbon Fiber Rear Fairings - APA748U

Maxi Carbon Matte Twill Carbon Fiber Rear Fairings - APA748U
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$269.99 (USD)

Maxi Carbon Matte Twill Carbon Fiber Rear Fairings - APA748U

Includes a LH and RH Rear Fairing

Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.

**Owners of '11-'15 Tuono V4 and '16-'20 Tuono V4 1100 RR can use these fairings as the starting point for an RSV4 rear fairing conversion, but note that the RSV4 rear fairing hardware kit and a rear seat cowl would be required to complete the conversion.

This matte twill carbon fiber is flat finish (not glossy), essentailly identical to Official Aprilia Carbon Fiber.

While Maxi Carbon came up with with an excellent pattern based on the stock plastic rear fairings, the attachment methodoloy and complexity used by Aprilia did make it challenging to come up with a Carbon Fiber part that is direct trouble-free fit. Expert+ care, patience, and attention to detail will be required when installing this part. AF1 Racing will not, under any circumstances, allow a return, credit, nor exchange for this part if damaged during assembly.

Expect minor filing, drilling, and tab massaging to be required during installation, especially around the area of the key rotor and forward attachment tabs.

You re-use all stock fittings, clips, and hardware.

Installs in the same manner as the stock rear fairings

This is 100% carbon fiber. Not carbon over fiberglass construction.

Carbon is treated with a thick UV transparent layer to slow the fading process caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

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