Hyperpro Progressive Spring for Rear Shock - WISPAP07SSB002

Hyperpro Rear Progressive Spring for Shiver *See detailed fitment list*
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Hyperpro Rear Progressive Spring

Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.

For the stock rear shock.

The OEM spring has too much sag and is too soft especially when riding 2-up. The Hyperpro rear spring is progressively wound to provide an easier cornering, a shorter braking distance, and makes the bike less sensitive to weight changes (particularly when riding with luggage or 2-up)

Requires a shock compressor for installation.  If you are unsure about installation or proper setup please see your local motorcycle suspension expert.

In a perfect world the suspension of your motorbike would react differently every time. The top half of the spring would be supple and would react flexibly to absorb small bumps and irregularities instantly. As the spring compresses, it becomes more rigid so even large bumps and holes in a road surface will not cause the suspension to bottom out.

For cost-efficiency reasons, motorcycles are equipped with linear springs from the manufacturer. Compressing the top half of this type of spring takes just as much force as compressing the bottom half. The result is that the top of the spring is in fact too rigid and the bottom too soft.

Fortunately, this perfect world does exist. Hyperpro produces progressive springs whereby the top half is easily compressible and compression of the bottom half is much harder. This results in a perfect set-up for every situation. A number of benefits are mentioned below:

Small bumps and irregularities in the road surface get absorbed immediately, large bumps or holes are intercepted by the 'more rigid' part of the spring. This results in perfect harmony between control and comfort.

A linear spring has a specific frequency and therefore, could resonate at that particular frequency. Resonance is not only very annoying it can also be dangerous. Progressive springs do not have a frequency so therefore never resonate; an obvious difference!

Progressive springs always adjust themselves instantly to changing circumstances. If you carry a passenger on your motorbike, the spring should provide more resistance and this is certainly the case with progressive springs. Hyperpro progressive springs even respond to the amount of petrol left in your tank.

Installation instructions are not included. AF1 Racing offers a shock spring installation service for this product.

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