Graves Sport Billet Aluminum GP/Road Shift Rearsets for RS660 - RSA-21RS6-KAF

Graves Sport Billet Aluminum GP/Road Shift Rearsets for RS660 WC05-0760 *Does not have provision for Rear Brake Light Switch*
Availability: Expected to arrive at our warehouse in late March if ordered today
$649.99 (USD)
Graves Sport Billet Aluminum GP/Road Shift Rearsets
Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.
These Motorcycle Rearsets are designed for factory level racing teams. Every feature of these Rearsets is extremely specific in design to meet the needs of professional technicians and racers. Graves has put 31 years of racing and manufacturing into the development of our products.
  • Adjustable foot peg location
  • Adjustable shift lever ratios
  • Double roller bearing levers
  • Folding lever tips
  • 3.55 M1 foot pegs
  • Carbon Heal Guards
  • Constructed from USA grade 7075 and 6061 billet aluminum

*Can also be installed on Tuono 660, but the shift rod from pedal to engine will be too short, unless you have installed the Aprilia Accessory QuickShift Kit

**Does not have provision for Rear Brake Light Switch. Since the rear brake switch manages and allows all rider aid functions, you will need to do only one of the following four options, at your own risk:

A) Easiest and suitable for all uses and retains all rider aid functionality: Purchase and install the plug and play Woodcraft Banjo Switch Conversion Kit

B) Race: Leave brake light switch attached to harness, and mechanically close the switch with a bracket etc so that the switch plunger is always pressed.

C) Race: connect switch wiring Black -> Blue so the bike thinks the brake is released.

D) Street: wire in a relay and purchase a pressure operated brake banjo switch in order to keep all APRC functions operational. This diagram shows how a Single Pole Double Throw relay can be used to accomplish this.

Please note:  The brake light switch is a 3 pole switch that signals both brake off and brake on.  The switch wiring Black -> Blue is brake released / brakelight off.  Black -> Grey is brake applied / brakelight on.

Also note: The brake light switch is a 5 volt signal isolated from the main 12v harness.  If you connect any part of this system to 12v or chassis ground you risk ruining your ECU.  AF1 is not liable for ECUs damaged by faulty wiring.

***Please note: Since 660's utilize the swingarm pivot for their main attachment point, you'll have to remove the swingarm pivot pin to install these rearsets. Again, you have to essentailly unbolt the swingarm to install these rearsets. At minimum, you'll need a motorycle lift and pallet jack to install these rearsets. An overhead hoist would also be useful.

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