GiaMoto 2017-2020 Superpole Rearsets, Grey, Non-Folding Road Round Footpegs, GP Shift, Comfort Kit with Folding Black Toe Pieces. For '17-'20 RSV4 (all variants) and '17-'20 Tuono V4 (all variants) *Can also be installed on '21 and later V4's*
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GiaMoto 2017-2020 Superpole Rearsets, Grey

Complete LH and RH rearset kit with pedals.

  • Non-Folding Road Round Footpegs
  • GP Shift
  • Comfort Kit
  • Folding Black Toe Pieces
Designed specifically for models listed below these are the best, direct fit V4 rearsets money can buy:
  • '17-'20 RSV4 (all variants)
  • '19-'20 RSV4 1100 Factory*
  • '17-'20 Tuono V4 1100 (all variants)

Can also be installed on '21 and later RSV4 1100 (all variants) and '21 and later Tuono V4 1100 (all variants) but there are a couple considerations:

  • Use of driver rearset mounted slip-ons is not possible. You must run an exhaust that mounts to the subframe (aka where passenger peg bracket goes)
  • The RH side heel guard bolts supplied are too long. You'll have to re-use the stock bolts
  • The 2 lowest and most rearward mounting positions are not available due to interference with the heat shield found on the stock exhaust.
*'19 and later RSV4 1100 owners, Please Note: If you are running the stock exhaust on your bike, the 2 lowest and most rearward mounting positions are not available due to interference with the heat shield as indicated in this photo. This is true for the standard peg hanger as well as the comfort kit.

These billet aluminum rearsets are machined from 6082T6 solid bar and plate and designed specifically for the 2017-2020 RSV4/Tuono V4

With redesigned exhaust and ancillary mount points this rearset kit includes a removable exhaust mounting plate. This allows owners running full systems and short or CRT slip-ons to remove the large exhaust bracket if not required.

This Superpole Edition rearset comes with upgraded peg carrier fasteners, and folding toe pegs.

These rearsets are equipped with the "Rider Comfort Kit" option, so you get peg carriers that are 15mm lower and pegs that are 15mm longer, which allows for a more relaxed riding position and peg to saddle ratio.

The gear pedal runs on top quality dual INA bearings with zero end play giving a firm smooth shift. The gear pedal tip has an eccentric adjustable end.

The brake lever can be rotated 360° in 4 positions and is also movable fore and aft via a retaining slot in the pedal. The brake side has a billet bracket that allows you to re-use the stock brake light sensor switch, which is crucial to avoid dashboard errors, and loss of rider aid functionality.

The footpegs have a knurled surface, grippy in dry and wet conditions. Folding pegs are available separately in both Track Tapered Bottom and Road Round configurations.

Uniquely, the kit is held together with grade 5 titanium fasteners.

Installation instructions in .pdf format.

Important Note: The bolts that secure the rearsets and passenger peg brackets to the frame are coated with a tremendous amount of medium strength threadlock compound by Aprilia. When removing rearset or passenger peg brackets take extreme care and exercise maximum patience when removing these bolts or this can happen (photo link). The best way to avoid stripped or broken rearset bolts is to loosen the bolt by hand until you feel binding and then retighten. Loosen again until binding (bolt will unthread a little futher every time) then retighten. Repeat this process (you will have to take breaks to let the bolt cool) until the bolt comes out.

***Please Note: You may want to purchase a pair of M8 Spacers to prevent possible contact between the rear master cylinder and swingarm. Only one customer has ever commented (in the hundreds of these rearsets we have sold) that the swingarm to master cylinder bolt clearance is tight, but we are noting it anyway. Better to not risk scratching a several thousand dollar swingarm.

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