Evotech Performance Short Brake and Clutch Lever Set 660's & V4's *See Product Note*

Evotech Performance Short Brake and Clutch Lever Set For Tuono 660, RS660, Tuono V4, RSV4 *See Detailed Fitment List*
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Evotech Performance Short Brake and Clutch Lever Set

Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.

Evotech Performance levers are CNC machined from billet aluminium in the U.K.

Finished in an anodized black coating for longevity.

These levers are roughy an inch shorter than the stock levers. This makes them more suitable for use with lever guards, or for those who prefer two finger braking.
Brake lever and clutch lever are six position adjustable thanks to adjuster knob.
*Please note: If fitting to 2017 and later models, adjustment of the clutch switch trigger may be necessary to maintain correct auto-blipper function. Again, adjustment is NOT mandatory and should only be done if QS/Blip function is not correct after this lever is installed.
**Please also note: The brake lever does not include the barrel and push rod assembly. You must re-use the barrel and push rod assembly from your stock brake lever. Pazzo includes a push pin to assist in removal of the stock barrel and push rod. This Youtube Video by Pazzo explains how to remove the stock barrel and push rod.

***RS660 and '21 and later RSV4 Owners Owners Please Note: At full left steering lock, contact between the lever and inner front fairing can occur with the front fairing right spoiler. All aftermarket brake levers will have some amount of interference with this troublesome trim piece. This YouTube video (showing the RS660) and this YouTube video (showing the RSV4) illustrate the interference. Some owners have elected to remove the trim piece or cut a notch in it (as seen in this before/after photo) to provide the necssary clearance.

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Year/Make/Model2019-2020 Aprilia RSV4-RR
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Year/Make/Model2013-2015 Aprilia RSV4 R APRC ABS
Year/Make/Model2011-2012 Aprilia RSV4R APRC
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Year/Make/Model2017-2018 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR
Year/Make/Model2017 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory
Year/Make/Model2023-2024 Aprilia RS660 Extrema
Year/Make/Model2023-2024 Aprilia RS660
Year/Make/Model2022 Aprilia RS660
Year/Make/Model2021 Aprilia RS660
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