Esjot Front Sprocket 520 Pitch, 16 Tooth For RS660, Tuono 660, Tuareg 660 *See detailed fitment list*
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Esjot Front Sprocket 520 Pitch, 16 Tooth

Complete fiment list at bottom of this page.

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520 is the stock pitch for 660's

*Stock front sprocket tooth count is 17 for the RS660 and Tuono 660. Stock front Sprocket on the Tuareg is 15T.

Racetrack sprocket ratios for RS660/Tuono 660 are most often 16-44, 16-45, or 16-46, depending on length of straight.

Countershaft bolt torque spec is 50nm or 38ft/lbs

You re-use all stock hardware with this sprocket: The B043047 Retainer Bolt, the 2B002193 Spring Washer for the retainer bolt, the 2B002191 Bushing Washer for the retainer bolt and the 2B006792 stock inboard sprocket spacer (this is the spacer that sits behind the sprocket, between the sprocket and the engine).

Correct orientation for RS660 and Tuono 660 shown below:

Correct orientation for Tuareg shown below:

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20232024ApriliaRS660 Extrema
20222024ApriliaTuono 660 Factory
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Year/Make/Model2022-2023 Aprilia Tuareg 660
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