Brembo Sport Evo 500++ Brake Fluid Dot 4  8 oz bottle / 250mL  Also Suitable for Hydraulic Clutch
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Brembo Sport Evo 500++ Brake Fluid Dot 4

8 oz bottle / 250mL

Also Suitable for Hydraulic Clutch

Brembo Sport Evo 500++ is a premium specification brake and clutch fluid which conforms to and exceeds the current international specifications. This fluid has been specially formulated to meet the system performance requirements of bikes that have been fitted with Brembo brake system components.

Typical dry boiling point 271 degrees Centigrade. Typical wet boiling point, 169 degrees Centigrade.

Will mix safely with other DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 brand brake and clutch fluids.

Excellent compatibility with all materials in the brake system.

Exceeds Dot 3, Dot 4 SAE J1703, FMVSS 116-Dot 3/4, ISO 4925, and CUNA NC 956 Dot 4 specifications.

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