Bonamici USA Billet Aluminum Rearsets w/Folding Toe Pieces for RS660 - MD-BON-A006-USA

Bonamici USA Billet Aluminum Rearsets w/Folding Toe Pieces for RS660 - MD-BON-A006-USA *Default Configuration is Road Shift. Can be converted to GP Shift*
Availability: Expected to arrive at our warehouse in mid July if ordered today
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Bonamici USA Billet Aluminum Rearsets w/Folding Toe Pieces for RS660 - MD-BON-A006-USA

Bonamici Aprilia RS 660 Rearsets rearsets are made using Aluminium Billet CNC Technology. Rearsets use Bearings to completely eliminate Friction on the foot pedals and feature a spring-loaded rear brake lever return. The Black Anodized finish makes them Strong, Attractive, and Resistant to Mechanical or Chemical Wear.

Like the Flyhammer rearsets sold elsewhere on this site, these billet aluminum multi-adjustable rearsets are another rearset design that we think got it "right".

You see, on the 660, the stock rearset does double duty as the swingarm pivot pin base. Which means that any damage to the rearset requires you to remove the swingarm to replace the damaged rearset part.

These Bonamici rearsets definitively remove that weakness because they are a two part design: One part is the swingarm pivot and the second part is the rearset itself which bolts to the swingarm pivot. Not only is this a more efficient design, it's also infinitely more servicable, since any damage to the rearset does not require removal of the swingarm.

*Can also be installed on Tuono 660, but the shift rod from pedal to engine will be too short, unless you have installed the Aprilia Accessory QuickShift Kit

**Retains the stock rear brake light switch, so all rider aids and ride modes remain active. 

***Please note: Since 660's utilize the swingarm pivot for their main attachment point, you'll have to remove the swingarm pivot pin to install these rearsets. Again, you have to essentailly unbolt the swingarm to install these rearsets. At minimum, you'll need a motorycle lift and pallet jack to install these rearsets. An overhead hoist would also be useful.

****Please also note: These rearsets are sold as Road shift only because the Aprilia quick shift sensor is directional, so it is not possible to simply flip the arm. Your Authorized Aprilia dealer can install software (usually approximately $150) to allow these rearsets to be used in GP shift configuration.

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20232024ApriliaRS660 Extrema
20222023ApriliaTuono 660 Factory
20232024ApriliaTuono 660
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Products specifications
Year/Make/Model2023-2024 Aprilia RS660 Extrema
Year/Make/Model2023 Aprilia RS660
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