JetPrime Secondary Air Block Off Plate For RS660 & Tuono 660 - HSBK-ES660
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Block Off Plate By Driven

For RS660 & Tuono 660

See Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.

Eliminates the Air Re-circulation system on the 660 for better EGA readings especially during sweep style dyno tuning.

To prevent error lights on the dash or other running issues, RACE mapping is mandatory when installing this product.

Kit requires use of High Temp RTV silicone to seal the plate to the cylinder head.

The RSV4 and Tuono V4 are fitted with a secondary air system.  This system allows fresh intake air to be injected into the exhaust system to lower emissions.

The secondary air system's purpose is to dilute the exhaust gas mixture so that there are less pollutants.  This helps the RSV4 to pass national emissions testing.

This Secondary Air Block Off Plate Kit allows you to bypass this system.

Installation of this kit is possible with engine in frame, but engine out of frame installation is much easier.

Installation Notes Below (please note this was performed with the out of production AF1 Blk Plt kit, but the process is the same):

When installing this block off kit you will be working with three air hoses.  These hoses can be unhooked and left on the motor or traced back to the controller solenoid and removed. (The controller solenoid can only be removed if you have RACE mapping - it is located in the center of the "V").

Step 1: Secondary air plate shown. (Repeat procedure for rear cylinder bank).  Please note: the three bolts that hold the cover on can be stripped easily; take care when removing.

Step 2:  Secondary Air hose removed.

Step 3: Install AF1 Racing block off plate. Tighten the 3 M5 bolts to 5nm (3.7 ft.lbs). High Strength thread locker (RED) can be used, but is not required.

Step 4: Gain access to Secondary Air delivery line.

Step 5: Remove secondary air delivery line.

Step 6: Fit the cap supplied in the AF1 Racing kit.  Re-use the secondary air delivery line clamp to secure the cap.

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