Mizu Germany Lowering Link -30mm For '01-'03 Mille and '02-'05 Tuono - Mizu-3020602

Mizu Germany Lowering Link -30mm For '01-'03 Mille and '02-'05 Tuono - Mizu-3020602
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Mizu Germany Lowering Link -30mm - Mizu-3020602

Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.

This lowering link kit can reduce the height of the saddle by up to 30mm.

The front forks should be lowered 3 to 4 lines to maintain correct front to rear attitude.

If you love your Aprilia but wish it was just a little lower and do not want to sacrifice handling, these lowering links are an affordable way to improve your comfort and riding enjoyment.

The links are made from galvanized steel with German ABE certification, so safety is assured.

These links do not require you to shorten or modify your kickstand.

*Please note: when using these links, take attention to not overload the carrying capacity of your rear shock. (430 lbs for Mille/Tuono).

Brief Installation Notes below:

  1. Support the bike (not by swingarm).....we hang the bikes from rear subframe (use of overhead hoist, or rafters is most common; front wheel must be securely chalked or clamped before hoisting)
  2. Remove 3 bolts at bottom of stock triangular attention to orientation of the arrow (top run, facing forward)
  3. Put in the new plates the same direction, and torque bolts to 50Nm
  4. To lower the front loosen one fork leg at a time, and lower the front 20mm to match (approximately 4 lines). Do not go over 30-35mm drop or the front fender will hit the bottom of the upper/headlight fairing under maximum suspension compression/extreme heavy braking.
Products specifications
20012002ApriliaMille (base model)
20032003ApriliaMille (base model)
20022005ApriliaTuono (base model)
20022002ApriliaTuono Racing
20032005ApriliaTuono Racing-Tuono RG-Tuono Factory
Products specifications
Year/Make/Model2001-2002 Mille (base model)
Year/Make/Model2003 Mille (base model)
Year/Make/Model2001-2002 Mille-R
Year/Make/Model2003 Mille-R
Year/Make/Model2002-2005 Tuono (base model)
Year/Make/Model2002 Tuono Racing
Year/Make/Model2003-2005 Tuono Racing-Tuono RG-Tuono Factory
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