TechSpec Tank Grip Set TS62-0016-SS For RS660 and Tuono 660 *See detailed fitment list* Precut kit includes left and right tank grips and a free center tank protector.
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TechSpec Tank Grip Set TS62-0016-SS

Complete fitment list at the bottom of this page.

Precut kit includes left and right tank grips and a free center tank protector.

With better grip material, a better checker pattern, and superior adhesion qualities, the Tech Spec series of tank grips are miles ahead of any would-be competitor product.

Tech Spec tank grips feature peel and stick adhesive backing and can install in minutes.

The superior gripping pattern on the pad, and it's greater than usual for a tank pad thickness (5mm) results in a far more secure grip for the riders leg in leaned over situations.

*Please note: The fuel tank on your bike is made from a polymer material that takes a long time to finish offgassing from the manufacturing process. This means that if you put tank guards on a very new motorcycle, the adhesive is less likely to stick properly. As a guideline, we recommend you not install tank guards/pads until your build date (build date label seen in this photo) is at least 12 months ago (1 full year).

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