LeoVince MUFFLER LV10 CF NINJA 400 - PU18114117
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The new LV-10 Carbon Fiber maintains the compact and lightweight design that characterizes the LV-10 range. The pre-preg, double-layer carbon sleeve and the full-carbon bracket enhance its lightness and aesthetic intensity, ensuring the best performance. The stainless steel endcap with sandblasted finish, combined with the rear stainless steel mesh, gives the silencer an extremely race-ready look, boosted by the unmistakable LeoVince sound. LV-10 Carbon Fiber, unique in the LV-10 range, is enhanced with an aluminum plate, embossed with the LV logo, previously used by LeoVince exclusively in racing, testifying to the strong bond between the LV-10 Carbon Fiber and the racetrack.

2018 - 2020 KAWASAKI NINJA 400
2019 - 2020 KAWASAKI Z 400

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